Beyond Binaries participatory transfeminist residencies

Beyond Binaries is a programme of participatory and transfeminist residencies for contemporary artists, previously selected through an international open call.

The project, promoted by the Cultural Association Erinni, is the winner of the VitaminaG call for proposals within the programme financed by the Youth Policies of the Lazio Region with the support of the Department for Youth.

It stems from an awareness of the needs of those communities, such as the ones living in the metropolitan area of Rome, characterized by a complex and articulated fabric. The main focus is to identify issues related to the identity and gender dynamics within their daily experience, most often closely related to other forms of social complexity such as the extraction and membership of ethnic minorities or disadvantaged groups. The leitmotif of this experience is the relationship with advanced technologies, which risk amplifying the gaps between minorities and hegemonic categories as they are a key factor when it comes to sharing knowledge and resources. We find an uncritical attitude towards technology itself, which is made even worse by the perpetuation of discriminatory attitudes towards the aforementioned groups. At the same time, technology represents a tool for sharing knowledge and experience that can be used in an ethically sustainable manner, provided that some processes are redesigned with a logic of sharing knowledge, desires and expectations.

The project uses co-design methodologies to explore these issues and starts with an international open call for artists - preferably those interested in exploring gender stereotypes and transfeminist policies and those able to develop a project that foresees both a direct involvement through workshops as well as a deeper public artistic return. On the one hand, the direct involvement of the territorial targets through workshops and, on the other, a public artistic return.

The decision to combine workshops with artistic action stems from the awareness of the need to address certain issues starting from the involvement of the body - physical, individual and collective. During a two-week residency, each artist will be able to structure their project supported by an analysis carried out with the support of experts in urban anthropology and followed by the Erinni team. Composed of curators and experts in the field of gender dynamics, Erinni team will enable the artists to frame the knowledge acquired within their own expressive language.
The aim is to collect data, testimonies and useful elements for the development of an artistic movement that can represent a moment of collective reflection and transform critical issues into actions - offering the public the opportunity to rethink their experience through the expressions of artistic languages.
The project, born with and for the area of the V Municipality of Rome, will be presented, thanks to the support of the many partners, also within the institutional contexts related to contemporary visual and performing arts.