the association

Erinni combines art and social activism to explore the intersections of science, technology and gender identity.

Erinni is an association that carries out an artistic and curatorial investigation in relation to gender ethics and politics in the field of contemporary and media art. It studies, encourages and promotes contemporary artistic practices, by/for women, and/or non binary people, reflecting on the feminine.

Erinni combines art and social activism to explore and critique the intersections between science, technology and gender identity. In particular the re-appropriation of the female body, beyond biological sex; the investigation into the inequities related to taboos, stereotypes, systematic biases in today's culture and in scientific and technological knowledge; as well as the designation of social visions based on inclusion and not on hierarchies, beyond the oppressions of gender, race and species.

Erinni refers to transfeminist thinking opposing the binary patriarchal system based on difference and oppression. Taking an intersectional perspective and merging feminist issues with other social and political matters.

It draws its inspiration from the eponymous chthonic deities of the Hellenic pantheon which punishes man's hubris and restores balance and social justice.

Erinni is both a single entity and a plurality of different points of view. Erinni can manifest itself through one or separate identities.

The Erinyes transcend the boundaries imposed by patriarchy and assume fluid identities which go beyond the biological barriers of patriarchy - beyond the biological barriers of the body to include prostheses and technological extensions as well as interspecies mixing.

The Erinyes claim an archaic rage that rejects the pre-established system of power with the end goal to re-appropriate the feminine and become disruptive "agents". The Erinyes are fierce and monstrous entities, but also benevolent being, capable of generating vision and nurturing relationships to restore equity and build a society based on inclusivity and equality.